The results are in! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Geo Racer

Ready, set, race! With, you’ll set up a course of custom waypoints to race your friends! Our group utilized Phenix and LiveView to create a hot/cold meter that updates each player as they move closer to their desired location called a waypoint. Using LiveView, we also added a live game clock, the ability to send hazards that slow down the competition, and a live leaderboard. There will be many GeoChasers, but only one GeoRacer.

Elixir Console Live

An online Elixir console using the capabilities provided by Phoenix LiveView. It allows the user to execute elixir commands, as well as consulting the official documentation directly from the console by clicking on the autogenerated links after the execution of a function, navigating previously used commands with the arrow keys, autocompleting commands with the Tab key and visualizing the current variable bindings at any moment.

Ground Control to Major Tom

A flight simulator where you can take off and fly around beautiful Sydney Harbour. Showcases the power of Elixir and Live View by giving you your own plane and world to fly it in. Renders your flight instruments including an artificial horizon and a spinning compass with beautiful SVG. Uses the power of Hooks to interact with JS libraries like a top-down Map view and a beautifully rendered 3D view straight out the front of your cockpit window!

All Other Entries


Browser based spreadsheet written in Elixir and LiveView. Has keyboard navigation, keyboard shortcuts and supports simple mathematical expressions and also supports referring to other cells in the expressions.

4th Place

Elixir Regex is a live-updating, easy to use regular expression checker. Simply enter your input text and your regular expression, optionally set some modifiers, and will show you which portions of your input string matches, including listing captures and named matches. It may not be flashy, but it is certainly useful.

5th Place

Live Chess

Play chess against the Stockfish 10 chess engine. This application uses Chex. I chess library and OTP application I wrote for the purpose of this app. Together they use Elixir Ports, OTP, UCI (Universal Chess Interface), Phoenix and Phoenix Live View to play chess live in a web browser.

6th Place

Flame of Life

This is the Phoenix implementation of Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automation game where the evolution is set based on the initial state and doesn't require input from the viewer. This implementation of Game of Life offers some features that highlight LiveView's technology, none needing page reloads, any javascript, or even resetting of the template

7th Place

Tetris Kachori

This game is similar to Tetris. It includes an additional new EVIL mode with Evil Shapes and a new Board. The frontend Is written using Phoenix LiveView. Built with <3 by Sandesh Soni in Pune, India. Details posted on YouTube "my journey building Tetris Kachori".

8th Place

Unox - A UNO Elixir multiplayer game

This is an implementation of the popular UNO-friendship-braking card game with multiplayer support.

9th Place

Phoenix Commander

Norton Commander implemented in Elixir. Right now you can only browse directories, look, it's like Norton Commander. I know it's not safe to deploy such a thing on the server, but I need to :) Anyway, this is an attempt to create a complete desktop application. There is a script to create an OSX Bundle. I know, I know, It's not ready to distribute, there are a lot of quirks, but it is a good start.

10th Place

Kanban LIVE!

This a basic kanban board showing interop with a drag&drop js library. Changes in card/columns positions are pushed to every connected clients and updated in real time.

11th Place


Is a data visualization tool inspired on Apache's Superset. The idea was to be able to make charts dynamically by selecting the DB's tables and columns relevant to the chart. It also contains a SQL client section to make queries directly and download csv files.

11th Place


Archmagi is an online fantasy card game, a re-implement (inspiration) of original Arcomage and variants. Players can construct their own decks from available cards, build up tower to 100 or destroy enemy's tower to win the game.

12th Place


LiveTracker is a fun attempt to capture the quirkyness of early music trackers. It uses LiveView for the user interface to capture notes being played from a computer keyboard while displaying the song sequence realtime. Unlike traditional trackers, LiveTracker does not load samples from a module file. Instead, it uses a separate websocket connection to send one-way messages to Tone.js on the client to play samples in realtime (or close to it).

12th Place


GlusterFS is an open-source, distributed network file-system capable of scaling to several petabytes. Gluster-dashboard aims to show the status of Cluster in realtime. The Demo app UI is not changing since no exporters are running.

13th Place

Space Birds

Space Birds is an action packed multiplayer sci-fi shooter, powered by, and made to test the limits of Phoenix Live View... and to have fun!

14th Place

Phoenix Royale

Phoenix Royale is a multiplayer, side-scrolling battle royale type game which aims to push Phoenix LiveView to it's limits (at least in terms of animations), whilst also using some of the best parts of Elixir, OTP Erlang and Phoenix. This entry may not be the optimal use of LiveView, but I have had a lot of fun trying to create a playable game which is rendered fully server-side.

15th Place

LiveView Tetris

This is yet another take on the popular game of Tetris. This one is written in elixir and front-ended with Phoenix LiveView. The original intent of the project was to allow multi-player Tetris competitions. That is the reason the engine is separated (the content of the engine is here - Unfortunately, I ran out of time for multi-player hookup, but it can still be played as single-player Tetris.

15th Place


WIP. LiveDraw is a drawing game based on the idea, reimplemented with LiveView. The drawing mechanism uses SVG to make use of the DOM diffing capabilities and has been updated to use hooks for the drawing itself. It's been fun to see how far it could be pushed even before hooks were supported.

15th Place

Demon Spirit

Demon Spirit is an abstract board game played on a 5 x 5 grid. Play against the computer or a friend online.


Players type quickly and correctly around the course to win, earning points for painting colors in their own colors, and re-painting an opponent's colors. Two points for unpainted characters, one point for re-painting your own color, steal a point for stealing a character from an opponent, and lose one point for an incorrectly keyed character.

MIDI LiveView Demo

Connect MIDI keyboards or controllers to your computer and see music played on a piano roll generated via Phoenix LiveView talking to the Web MIDI API, while notes are played by the browser using the Web Audio API.


Classic code breaking game. You need to guess the correct combination of 4-6 colors. Black pegs are awarded for the correct color in the correct spot, white pegs for the correct color in the incorrect spot.

Pie Chart Maker

Pie Chart Maker with several predefined styles and an option to create custom styles for the items. Pie slices are generated as SVG paths.

Never lose Tic Tac Toe

It's a Never lose Tic Tac Toe game built with Live View. The user can play with 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 or 9x9. The highlight is that the game never lets you win. Either you lose or draw the game. It's hosted on Heroku.


Fprefs is a data collaboration tool for engineering department and others. Fprefs helps exposing ways to configure internal data via web interface. Schema and validation guarantee that data coming from outsiders will always be correct. This version is a proof of concept. So note that some things might not work.

LiveView PixelArt Editor

Collaborative Pixel Art Editor built using Phoenix LiveView.

Roll & Music together

Do you like play Pen & Paper Rpg, like Dungeons & Dragons over the internet ? Do you want to roll the dices so your party can see it? Do you want to listen to the same music together to make your campaign more epic? Well this app can do it. It will generate a random room that you can join and share the link with your friends. Then you can chat, roll dices and add a youtube playlist with music that it will sync for everyone in the room.


ETE, or Enjoy the End, is a simple multiplayer bullet-hell-esque game made using canvas. Control a kitty and stay away from the dogs. Once you've died (or while you're alive if you're brave enough) you can continue to influence the game by adding more enemies or messing with how fast things move. Based loosely off of a manga called Gigant where individuals can vote on an app to bring about real (usually destructive) changes to the world.

SimpleBet MLB Pitch-By-Pitch Viz

Data visualization that shows pitch-by-pitch data from MLB games.

Pomodoro Timer

I built Pomodoro-Timer using Phoenix LiveView. - add some tasks, and sort tasks with drag and drop. - start timer, and after 25 minutes, you will receive a browser notification, and a 5 minute break will begin . - After completing the 25 minute task 4 times, a 15 minute break will begin.


Play question and answer board games such as Game of Things and Balderdash with your friends without pen and paper!

Baby Age Calculator

This app tells you how old your baby is. It also links to the Wonder Weeks so you can see what "Leap" your baby is going through.

crack the cregg

crack the cregg with others. every 1000 cracks, you will be able to see a different cracked egg. get to 1 million to open the cregg

Pentomino Game

A game played with pentomino tiles. When finished it will: - allow 4 people to play and others watch - allow you to see which piece the other players are considering

Live View Math

A math game to teach kids multiplication table. Works with keyboard and clicking on fields to play on the phone. Solve as many puzzles as you can in the given time. Every good answer gives an additional second. I avoided backspace and opted for clearing the entire field because for 3x7, 3x8 and 3x9, kids tried cheating the system by trying all answers quickly: 21 backspace 4 backspace 7 tested everything. Clearing entire field prevents that :)

Haiku Live

Haiku Live is an webapp that let's users write Haiku with real time syllable counting. The front page also selects and displays haiku written by users.