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Players type quickly and correctly around the course to win, earning points for painting colors in their own colors, and re-painting an opponent's colors. Two points for unpainted characters, one point for re-painting your own color, steal a point for stealing a character from an opponent, and lose one point for an incorrectly keyed character.


  • Voppe

    Super creative. I love it.

  • Nicolas Boisvert

    Something compatible with Edge but not with Firefox is kinda weird in 2019

  • Steven Fuchs

    Cool concept and execution. Needs a single player mode!

  • Chris McCord

    • VIP
    • DY

    I love the visualization/navigation as you go around the "course". Very cool idea!

  • Gazler

    • VIP

    This was a good game. A nice twist on a type racer style game, was fun to see the progress of the opponent!

  • AlexW

    This is fun and works well :) Cool project!