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Elixir Console Live

An online Elixir console using the capabilities provided by Phoenix LiveView. It allows the user to execute elixir commands, as well as consulting the official documentation directly from the console by clicking on the autogenerated links after the execution of a function, navigating previously used commands with the arrow keys, autocompleting commands with the Tab key and visualizing the current variable bindings at any moment.


  • DK

    This is very cool, but probably a bad idea to implement in a real production environment. Try running `!("config/prod.secret.exs")` Someone can also write a file and take your site down.

  • AlexW

    Nice idea :) Cool to be able to play with the repl in browser. Must have been a fun project to work on

  • Gazler

    • VIP

    Very neat! I liked the documentation links and history. I was able to crash this with a syntax error, specifically with: `, 2, 3, &(&1))` Of course it recovered and didn't impact the "terminal" window.

  • Chris McCord

    • VIP
    • DY

    This is a really cool idea. I love the auto link generation and idea around enhancing IEx output by inflecting meaning from the input/output.