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Ground Control to Major Tom

A flight simulator where you can take off and fly around beautiful Sydney Harbour. Showcases the power of Elixir and Live View by giving you your own plane and world to fly it in. Renders your flight instruments including an artificial horizon and a spinning compass with beautiful SVG. Uses the power of Hooks to interact with JS libraries like a top-down Map view and a beautifully rendered 3D view straight out the front of your cockpit window!


  • Chris McCord

    • VIP
    • DY

    This is insane! Great work and bonus points for the SVGs. The code was also a pleasure to read thru :)

  • MindOk

    Shows quite a few techniques with minimal code - JS interop, keystroke handling, nice SVG graphics, timer updates

  • Steven Fuchs

    Really Cool!

  • AlexW

    No idea how you did this! Will have to take a look at the code, really nice use of LiveView :D