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Elixir Regex is a live-updating, easy to use regular expression checker. Simply enter your input text and your regular expression, optionally set some modifiers, and will show you which portions of your input string matches, including listing captures and named matches. It may not be flashy, but it is certainly useful.


  • DK

    This is cool. I found a vulnerability that would allow an attacker to execute javascript on a user's machine. Try this url:

  • Santiago Bacaro

    This is fantastic <3

  • Brian Cardarella

    • DY

    I like this one very much, I would recommend not making a URL update for every single change to the input. I would instead make a "share" button that creates the public URL on demand. This way you don't end up with hundreds of browser history entries.

  • Chris McCord

    • VIP
    • DY

    fantastic use of live_redirect !

  • AlexW

    I've never really learnt how to use Regex. This could be a useful tool to learn :)