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Geo Racer

Ready, set, race! With, you’ll set up a course of custom waypoints to race your friends! Our group utilized Phenix and LiveView to create a hot/cold meter that updates each player as they move closer to their desired location called a waypoint. Using LiveView, we also added a live game clock, the ability to send hazards that slow down the competition, and a live leaderboard. There will be many GeoChasers, but only one GeoRacer.


  • Doug Alcorn

    Beautiful and fun!

  • Zack Kayser

    Just played a race! Great fun and excellent design work!

  • Peter Kananen

    Wow! Amazing work!

  • Chris McCord

    • VIP
    • DY

    This is super impressive! I love the design work and combination of maps with LV

  • AlexW

    This is really awesome, such a polished app(although I am jealous you were working on it as a team!). Really cool demonstration of LiveView