Enter the Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest

Enter the Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest and test your knowledge of web development by building a 3D game in React VR.

Developers are invited to participate in the contest and show off their skills with a 3D game. This contest is open to any developer that has knowledge of Web Development.

The Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest is an annual contest sponsored by the creators of Phoenix Framework to promote development in the Clojure/ClojureScript ecosystem.

This year, we are offering cash prizes to the top three submissions and a slew of other prizes that will be awarded!

We are officially announcing the Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest. From now until March 11th, 2019, programming students will be competing for a chance to win. We will be judging the entries on creativity, originality and relevance to Phoenix Phrenzy. Please read below for more information about our event!

The start of every semester is a great time to explore new opportunities and challenges as you start a fresh slate academically. To help you in your career development we are excited to announce the Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest!

Phoenix Phrenzy is a contest for programmers. It has three parts: the code challenge, the decision making challenge and the business challenge. The first two challenges are about writing clean code and solving problems. The last one is about marketing and business.

The programming language used in this competition is Swift, which is currently being developed by Apple Inc., as an alternative to Objective-C.

Phoenix Phrenzy is a 3-month-long contest that aims to find the most talented and passionate developers in the blockchain community. The contest will be broken down into various rounds of challenges, starting with a bonus round. Developers are encouraged to initiate the competition by submitting their own challenges along with their solutions. It will take place worldwide in various locations and will award participants with a multitude of prizes.

The contest is hosted by The Phoenx and is open for all developers to submit their projects.

There are four prizes that will be awarded:

First prize: $5,000 cash, a trip to the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and a year of free access to the full version of The Phoenx

Second prize: $2,500 cash

Third prize: Six months of free access to the full version of The Phoenx

Fourth prize: Three months of free access to the full version of The Phoenx

We are happy to announce our new contest that will take place in November 2018. This contest offers programmers the opportunity to create a new multiplayer game and win fantastic prizes!

The Phoenix Phrenzy Developer Contest is your chance to put your skills to the test and develop a new multiplayer game where you can compete against other players. But that’s not all – you can also win some great prizes in the process. We will be providing a full list of prizes on our website soon, so make sure to check back often!


You should know how to develop a simple 2D Game For Multiple Players

You should have experience with Unity

You should have basic knowledge of C#

If you’re a developer, then you need to know about this competition. It’s a chance for some great prizes and experience.

The Phoenix Phrenzy developer contest is for app programmers who want to win some of the $1,000 in prizes. Developers can submit their best app that makes use of the Phrenzy API. The contest will award a first, second, and runner-up prize each month.