Phoenix Phrenzy

Build exciting demos using Phoenix LiveView.

Phoenix Phrenzy is a contest for developers to build with Phoenix LiveView, show off their software engineering skills, and help demonstrate the capabilities of this great technology to the open source community.

For the sake of simplicity, the only contest prize is bragging rights. When the contest is complete, winners and vote tallies will remain publicly listed on this site.

What is LiveView?

Phoenix LiveView is an exciting new way to build interactive, real-time web applications in Elixir, writing little or no custom JavaScript. LiveView, built on Phoenix’s excellent websocket report, harnesses the Erlang VM’s ability to run millions of tiny, isolated, stateful processes.

LiveView simplifies development by keeping the view logic server-side, yet achieves stunningly fast updates and low latency. For more details, see LiveView Author Chris McCord’s post on the DockYard blog.


Contest Phases

  1. Phase 1: Entry submission

    From to we’ll be accepting entries. Contestants can create one or more entries and update them as often as they like. Entries will remain private during this time.

  2. Phase 2: Review period

    From to we’ll review the entries to make sure they follow the Official Rules and Code of Conduct.

  3. Phase 3: Voting

    From to voting will be open and consist of a simple thumbs-up. Upvote submissions and write comments if you wish. A number of “VIP” judges will also be invited to comment. At this stage, all votes and comments will be visible only to their creator.

  4. Phase 4: The winner and bragging rights

    On approved apps will be listed publicly along with the votes and comments they’ve received. The app with the most votes wins.

Contest Rules

Rule 1

Entries must follow the Code of Conduct (see list of rules for full details).

Rule 2

Entries must consist of code you wrote yourself, and you must provide the source.

Rule 3

Code must be written during the entry submission contest phase and should start by forking the demo repo.

What defines a contest entry?

Pick a clever app name

The name of your app.

Describe your project

A brief description of your project and list of collaborators (if any).

Project URL

A URL where your app is available to try.

GitHub repo link

A URL where your code repo is hosted.

Application screenshot

A URL providing a screenshot of your app. (An animated GIF would be ideal. Giphy might help.)

VIP Judges


Ben Wilson

Director of Engineering


Jason Stiebs

Partner, RokkinCat


Gary Rennie

Phoenix Core Team


Justin Schneck

Principal Hardware Architect


Chris Keathly

Senior Engineer,
Bleacher Report